57 Murray St

57 Murray St

57 Murray St Conservation Works

Constructed in 1911 for use as The Public Health & Medical Department Offices, 57 Murray St underwent major conservation and adaptive re-use works in 2013 by Western Projects for The National Trust of Australia (WA).

Conservation works included replacement of all natural clay roof tiles with tiles sourced from their original manufacturer in Marseille, France. Reclaimed Jarrah was used to conserve and rebuild existing verandahs; existing timber framed windows and doors were also repaired using traditional methods by our carpenters; French polishers conserved antique timberwork including the main staircase; Stone Masons conserved the Donneybrook Stone façade and parts of the original brickwork received repointing with a heritage lime mortar mix.

Along with conservation works the building was brought up to current accessibility codes and modern fixtures and fittings were installed to provide future tenants with updated facilities.

This project was recently nominated and was a finalist in the Heritage Council Awards for ‘Outstanding Conservation of a Non-Residential Place.’

Heritage Awards - front brochure