Building Conservation


Western Projects is working to build a solid reputation within the Heritage construction industry, Our aim is the conservation of historical, and character buildings located around Western Australia. We are establishing a reliable, and trustworthy reputation for protecting a building’s historical, and iconic significance.

Building Conservation Services

Western Projects is familiar with historical building and traditional structural methods. We understand the importance of maintaining and reproducing finishes that match the original work ensuring that the integrity of a heritage building is maintained through an understanding of both modern and traditional construction techniques.

Our staff, and our preferred contractors have experience in undertaking conservation projects and their expertise is founded upon ensuring that the conservation is completed to an exemplary standard. Western Projects has selected reputable suppliers, and specialty contractors within is field.

Construction Management

  • Liaising with the Architects and consultants to work through issues that arise.
  • Reducing disruption, and ensuring access to adjacent properties, businesses and residencies
  • Managing dust, vibration, noise, and debris
  • Careful demolition whilst preserving viable structures
  • Refurbishing, or reconstructing damaged building elements
  • Conservation of historical integrity during the upgrade of structural requirements, HVAC, insulation, wiring, plumbing, and security
  • Reconstruction of roofing, replacement or repair to water damaged roof members
  • Detailed internal finishes
  • Working to incorporate a seamless integration from old to new.