A strong focus on quality and safety


At Western Products, we take the workplace safety of our team, client and contractors extremely seriously. Our HSEQ Management System outlines our commitment to implement the four key areas of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality in every project we undertake, cementing our drive to Work With Purpose at all times.

Working to a high standard

Our Management System has been carefully designed to
meet relevant Australian and International standards, industry best practice, the Building Code of Australia and any other applicable Local Authority requirements.

Trusted quality assurance processes


At Western Projects, our goal is to produce quality services while maintaining the highest
environmental, professional, ethical and safety standards.

Specialising in live and sensitive environment construction, Western Projects strives to deliver
professional and reliable services to ensure project objectives and client expectations are always achieved.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality systems and implementing and maintaining our Quality Management System based on ISO 9001.

Quality Management System

 Our approach to Quality Management has been developed to ensure all works are delivered to the highest standards:

  • Subcontractor Selection
    We only nominate subcontractors we know and trust.
  • Project Stakeholder and Communication Management
    Open, transparent communications are key to project success.
  • Single Point of Contact
    To ensure all works are carried out in accordance with project specifications, site requirements, and quality objectives, a dedicated Site Manager is appointed for a project’s duration.
  • Remediation of Non-Conformance
    To maintain our reputation and deliver projects to a high standard, we ensure any non-conformance activities are remediated efficiently. Adhering to project specifications in the first place however minimises the need for remediation.
  • Organisational Structure
    All our team members contribute towards the quality management and delivery of our projects. Set out below are the roles and responsibilities of our team which ensure project quality objectives are met.

Environmental Management


Western Projects is committed to Environmental Management across all our projects. Our Environmental Management Policy was created to encourage safe and healthy workplaces and it outlines the rules, responsibilities and procedures for environmental protection.

Every Western Projects team member has a role to play towards Environmental Management and delivery of our projects.

Environmental Management System Policy

  • We abide by all government policy, legislation, codes of practice and guidelines.
  • Our employees and subcontractors strive to reduce the volume of waste generated, reusing and recycling materials wherever practical.
  • We consider the life cycle of materials, favouring new materials, products and supplies that are reusable and/or recyclable.
  • We purchase responsibly to include locally sourced products to reduce transport emissions and support the local community, conscious procurement to ensure products and their raw components do not contribute to causing deforestation, loss of habitat or exploiting workers in another country.
  • We prevent any actions from work activities causing environmental damage by following preventative procedures. In the event of an incident/accident, we follow the emergency procedures, making sure the appropriate equipment is available for clean-up and a quick response is applied to eliminate or reduce any damage.
  • We are aware of environmental issues and safeguards, including erosion and sediment control, weed invasion, sensitive/rare vegetation and fauna, air quality, noise, waste, heritage and archaeological sites.