Project Value: $920K
Superintendent: ACORPP

HASSELL were engage by UWA to design State of the Art Laboratories to house a Molecular-beam epitaxy Machine. While the Science of an MBE machine is beyond our expertise, the Science behind a PC2 laboratory isn’t. Western Projects managed a team of expert Service contractors to deliver a facility requiring exact precision. Incorporating Liquid Nitrogen storage and supply, new deionised water production plant and reticulation, and a Hepa-filtered exhaust system, the pressure-controlled labs were completed in mid-2018.

The works were under taken across 4 floors, in 2 separate occupied buildings. Western Project worked with multiple stake holders to co-ordinate the works while maintaining all teaching and existing laboratory facilities.

Significant civil upgrade works were completed to UWA’s main service entry without disruption to daily activities. Working with NS Projects, Western Projects established and delivered a detailed Traffic Management Plan allowing all works to be completed on time and most importantly with-out incident.